Kiiska wariye C/casiis oo maanta markale dib loo dhigay xilli dacwadiisa ay furmatay

Muqdisho(Rajonews)Waxaa maanta magaalada Muqdisho ka furmatay dacwada wariye C/casiis Cabdi Nuur Ibraahin kaasi oo ay Dowladda Soomaaliya ku hayasto arimo la xiriira baahinta warar kufsi ah oo Booliiska laga sheegay.

Kiiska Wariyaha oo ka furmay maxkamada Gobalka Banaadir islamarkaana saacada markii ay aheyd Xilliga Muqdisho 12:30-daqiiqo uu furmay ayaa waxaa garsoorka dood dheer kadib ay garawsatay in hadana dib loo dhigo maanta.

Garsooaraha qaadaye dacawada ayaa sheegay in kiiska wariye C/casiis maantana dib loo dhigay kadib markii buuq iyo qeylo ka dhalatay xarunta maxkamada taasi oo keentay dib udhigada Kiiska Wariye c/casiis.

Maalinta talaadada saacada marka ay tahay 8:00 Subaxnimo ayaa lagu balamay inay furmayso dacwada Wariye C/casiis Cabdi Nuur Ibraahin go’aana laga gaari doono.

Dib udhaca kiiska Wariye cabdi Nuur ayaa waxa ay ka dhigaysa in kiiskaan Dowladda Soomaaliya aysan ubaahneeyn inay dhaqaajiso maadaama dhowr mar uu din dhacay.

bahda Saxaafada Soomaalida ayaa arintani si aad ah uga muragsan maadaama weli Dowladda aysan go’aanm rasmi ah ka gaari kiiska Wariey C/casiis.

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  1. Mohamed A says:

    This case must be dealt with more seriousness and caution because of its already violated Criminal Principals before the pre-trial and after the trial because of the Public statement issued by General Sharif Shekuna the Somali Police Chief, the Minister of justice as well as several other Government Authority that the arrested group are guilty of crimes against the Somali State. ( Qaran Dumis ), punishable of death in the Somali Criminal Code.

    Having said that, the nature of the Rape crime, the illegal arrest and detention of a journalist and case witnesses is and abuse of authority committed by The police Chief just to defend his fellow Security forces, illegal arrest of a female victim and other is enough proof to suppress and oppress any other rape victim and media reporters to report a crime committed by the Security forces hence give a green light to the armed security forces to rape, arrest and torte who ever they want to.

    If we study carefully the nature of the Rape crime, we realize the following factors:

    1) In a Society like the Somali and Muslim Nations the Rape crime can incite other very serious crime such as murder be committed by the woman’s husband against the raper, or by the brothers of the raped woman, or a tribal war between the Raped woman’s group against the Raper criminal’s relatives.

    2) The personal reputation of the raped woman within the Society will be damaged seriously, and may loose her husband, her relatives may abandon or stay at large from her or even she may never be re-married if divorced, all these may well be consequences of the rape crime against its victim.

    3) The fear and the turmoil that other women can develop after realizing that women can be raped at will by anyone and that those who are in charge of security can also rape those that they were in charged to protect, this must not happen ever in any civilized society whatever culture , religion, and tradition they may believe in.

    4) The last but not the least, this case must not be even brought to justice since its been already publicized by the government authority damaging the reputation and privacy protection rights of the raped women, it must be released unconditionally , compensated, and counselled .

    5) Is it possible that the Somali security forces can commit Rapre, torture, illegal arrest and looting ? The answer is YES, because we have records and witnessed that in Afgoi ( Lower Shabelle ) when the former TFG President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed was visiting there, more than all local Leaders, Community Elders, and Civil Society have publicly complained of all those crimes committed by the Security forces and not to mention some Elders were crying while telling these crimes.

    For those that have committed all these abuses of authority, illegal arrest, torture, must be all brought to justice in order to recuperate if possible the already lost trust and confidence of the Somali Women, Journalists and all victimized groups by the Security forces and the commanders.